Important safety tips to be followed during outdoor recreation

Nature always rejuvenates our soul and body. It is essential to take frequent breaks and venture out into nature. It will definitely have a positive impact on the working style. Zip lining, kayaking, parasailing and sports like golf, football, etc. improve both physical and mental health. Activities like camping help us absorb sunlight, water bodies help remove toxins from the body and fresh air purifies our breathing system. But it is also vital to get some idea about first aid revival techniques before travelling.

Risks due to outdoor activities and adventure sports:

Threat due to wild animals

Problems that arise due to altitude, terrain, cold, heat, lightning and rain

Malfunctioning of the equipment

Safety is the main concern for many people to go and venture out in nature. But it is definitely not a hindrance. By following some safety precautions, all these concerns can be addressed.

Judging the weather:

Before planning any outdoor trip likes hikes or water sports, it is advisable to study the weather. Nowadays weather prediction applications can be downloaded for mobiles as well. It is better to watch out for storms and floods. Heavy rains cause an increase in the water level of water bodies. In case people get stuck outside during lightning, they should immediately seek shelter and stay away from metal objects. They should occupy high lying areas to avoid rising water. Consulting RADAR will fetch good results during outdoor trips.

Travelling with a partner or in a group:

One should always have a clear picture as to what should be done during emergencies. It is better to inform all about the travel plan and hand over maps or itinerary to a friend or family member. Rather than going alone, it is advisable to tag along with some other people of same interests in case the plan is of a remote location. This helps tackle difficult situations and will provide physical and mental help as well. One should avoid traveling alone into the wilderness.

Deciding and selecting the right clothing:


This seems to be silly, but it is an essential precaution. People wandering out should dress up according to the weather. If it is a cold place, then one should prefer various layers of clothing that will keep them warm. It is better to carry some thermals as well. If it is outdoor camping, one should carry a bag pack of clothing. The tent should be warm and made of the material that does not irritate. One should carry hiking boots, appropriate shoes, and footwear. It is better to carry a medical kit as well to nurse injuries caused due to rocks, insects, etc.

Checking one’s health and vital parameters:


Adventure sports require people to be in excellent spirits and good health condition. It is required that a person in the group knows basic first aid and revival techniques. Biking, hikes, soccer, sailing, etc. require people to be strong and there is no scope for even sma


ll ailments. Teamwork is essential and undergoing training before attempting these kinds of sports will help in adhering to any kind of scenario. Risks can be taken but with proper care and precautions.