Choosing The Best Shoe For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a favorite activity where an enthusiastic participant climbs up, down and across natural rock formations. The rock climber aims to reach the endpoint of the formation. The activity requires enormous stamina and very high endurance. The sport is also called bouldering. The shoes for rock climbing is the most important for the sport and has to be carefully chosen. gives you an understanding of the shoes used in the sport. The health benefits of the sports are plenty, and there are many expert reviews available for the above fact. Rock climbing is also prone to accidents. It is almost impossible for a rock climber to climb down the rock due to larger multiple pitches.

Rock climbing involves two types of competition. The first one is to judge the fastest rock climber, and the other competition is reaching the farthest point in a different route. The sport is both physically and mentally challenging. It does not test the climber’s strength but also examines his agility and endurance.

The shoes: It could be beginners buy or a new pair buy, But the choice could be highly confusing.
The most common thought and question during purchase will be if the durability is proportional to the cost. But the fact is, nothing depends on the price, but how well the shoe is taken care of which results in the durability of the shoe. Beginners climb will have wear and tear sooner than professionals. This is quite logical considering the right techniques used by the professionals as against the beginners. The fact of any rock climbers first pair of shoe would be used for a shorter time. The most expensive shoes have deeper arch’s and are more aggressive. This means they are for professionals and not suitable for a beginner.

The arch design in the climbers’ shoe is vital for assisting the climb on the overhangs. The shape of the shoe plays a crucial role in hooking your foot on the overhangs. This will enable you not to lose foothold.

A beginner would need a stable and robust foundation in the rock climbing sport. The shoes must be durable for the beginners due to the rough surface they are trying to walk. The sole for the beginner shoes is thicker than the usual good professional shoes. Therefore choose your rock climbing based on the level you are.

Type of shoes, one with lace-ups or one with Velcro: The advantage with lace-ups is the fact that the tightness can be adjusted however this is disadvantageous because they can untie anytime and wreck the climb. Velcro shoes are tight and uncomfortable which is an indirect advantage of climbing the rocks faster and safer.

The slipper shoes aren’t ideal for beginners. They are extremely thin which might hurt you. Wearing out is faster than usual. However, these shoes are comfortable for the expert climbers as they would be able to feel the surface beneath them to understand and handle better.

Rock climbing shoes are never to be comfortable like that of the regular shoes. It should be tight but not painful. For good rock climbing shoe ideas, the store assistant will help you decide the best option.